The Midnight Caravan Prototype

Welcome to the first prototype of the story-driven, strategic game that we are developing at Dev9k Games. In ‘ The Midnight Caravan‘ you will lead a group of gamblers, prostitutes, and murderers in the countryside and cities of the XVIII° century Europe, seeking revenge.

After playing, please fill this feedback form! Your opinion is very important to us, do not be hesitant to criticize. We need a tough and fair feedback!
Should you encounter any issue or bug, please report it here.

We are profoundly grateful for your help.




– The splash screen glitch: on some configs (nVidia GPUs?) after the Unity logo and before the Dev9k logo, a strange series of white geometrical flat surfaces appear for few seconds.
– Rare: UI unresponsive at startup. Work, buying upgrade, etc, nothing was working.
– Traits/resources requirements are not yet enforced on narrative choices that do not fullfill them

– 014:
– 014b: reviewed texts spacing and punctiation
– 014b: added message after last event

– Balance: The Harlot can generate a positive amount of Health, it should be prevented.
– Color consistency: the work outcomes texts and the upgrades costs texts will be reviewed in order to achieve consistency with the resources colors.
– Color consistency: disabled harlot work button looks different than disabled gambler work button
– Traits recap
– Possibility to hide the upgrade panel
– Block narrative choices that have unfulfilled requirements
– In the upgrade boxes, show current modifier and next modifier