What is Dev9k?

De9k OÜ is a company based in Tallinn, Estonia. We are specialized in Brand Management, Visual Identity and Social Media Management.
We help you in growing your business. This is our mission.

Also, we make indie videogames.

What makes Dev9k different from the others thousands of graphic/creative/*put something here* companies?

We believe in creativity at the service of business.
We think simple.
We will not ask you to turn upside-down your style. We don’t want to draw the customers’ attention with expensive meaningless-fancy-design campaigns.
Nowadays, Brand Identity, logos and Social Media are abused words, we want to make them meaning and transparent again. We share with you our thinking process to create the best solutions suited for your business, your customers and your character.

Who is behind Dev9k?

Antonio Scacchetti – Programmer, UX Designer, Business Manager
Antonio is a Computer Engineer in love with hackathons and game jams. His previous work experience includes Social Media Management at Codemotion, Web Design and Community Management.


Massimiliano ‘Haematinon’ Nigro – Art Director, Game Designer, Writer
Massimiliano has studied Architecture and he has a Master degree in Philosophy. He has created the graphic surface of furnitures for Valcucine VitrumArte and he mounts several personal and collective exhibitions. He creates works accurately designed for Hotels (for example, Clarin Hotel in Rome). He is a brand designer and he has worked for different kind of clients (i.e. disco event organizations). he is the lead artist and writer of the team.