Dev9k Games is the indie game development branch of Dev9k OÜ. In 2013 we joined batch #2 of Gamefounders‘ startup acceleration program in Tallinn, Estonia.
We are working on our first commercial game universe: Conspiracy!.Left to right: Antonio, Massimiliano.



Conspiracy! – Turn Evil


Conspiracy! – Turn Evil is a multiplayer card game with a spy movie setting and a gameplay mixing the best loved elements of Risk and Magic.

“After many years of harsh conflicts all the macro-nations have found an agreement, and a new era of peace has come…
…but do not judge by appearances, because The Conspiracy never ends.”

Three evil organizations, only one world to fight for:
Pick your side, build your deck of cards and challenge your friends or random opponents in 1vs1 matches.





Conspiracy! – Rise of a New Leader



Build your Evil Organization, earn Conspiracy Points and complete the activation of the mysterious K.R.A.K.E.N. project to get a secret reward!

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External Collaborators:

Emiliano Pedruzzi – Music, SFX
Richard Sööt – 3D Art
Olivia Parmasto – 2D Art

Former Members:

Andrea Alessi – Co-Founder, Programmer, Game Designer